::Prim.dr sci med Marinko Vučić
::Prof.dr Krsto Jandric
::Prim.dr Rade Korica
::Mr.sci med Boro Kuzmić

Clinic for Lung Diseases, Clinical Centar, Banja Luka

Lung Disease Clinic is a part of Clinical Center Banja Luka, as independent organizational unity on old location of Clinical Center downtown of Banja Luka. The clinic is founded for purpose of providing high quality services for patients with pulmonary diseases. At the early beginning, as pneumophtisiological department, clinic provided care for patients with pulmonary and non-pulmonary tuberculosis. In its development, clinic became referral institution for providing care for patients with wide specter of pulmonary diseases. There is ten doctors employed, eight of them are specialists for pulmonary diseases and two doctors on residency. Inside of the clinic there are four units internally connected as a whole body. Technically, you can find modern equipment witch we use for diagnostic procedures and management of pulmonary diseases. There is also modern informational system with computers.

On other hand, Lung Clinic Banja Luka is teaching base for pulmology on Medical Faculty Banja Luka. Parallel with teaching and practicing for students of medicine and stomatology, there is possible to do internship as a part of residency in pulmology, internal medicine, general practice and family medicine.


Lung Clinic Banja Luka organize annually "Pulmological days in May", traditional meeting around town, and other holidays.

Plans for future

We are trying to turn Lung Clinic into Institute for Pulmonary Diseases. Under those circumstances on one place you can provide comprehensive diagnostic and management of all kinds of pulmonary diseases including surgical procedures witch is now under authority of Clinic for Special Services. Eventually, in future Institute, plan is to have more pulmologist but also internists, surgeons, oncologists, pathologists. Also, we are trying to provide care for patients with breast diseases. We want to underline that our idea has general support.